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Build Log
Scratch-build, own-design ocean-going salvagetug 1:50

Hello guys,

My previous model wasn't yet fully finished, and today i've restarted the work on her.
It was originaly planned to build the Zwarte Zee III in scale 1:50, but as this was my first scratchbuild model there went a lot of things wrong which made me deside to keep the hull, that didn't have the shape i wanted it to have, and put an own-design superstructure on it, with interior.
As this is an own-design i could make everything like i wanted, and one of the results is more towingpower and higher topspeed, which meens that my version would be first at the ship in need.
It also meant that i was able to build her like i like it most.
The engine used to be a Speed 500E, but that one past on to the Well Enhancer, so this model is currently not available for sailing.
A replacement for the engine is not yet desided, but for now most the work will go to the Well Enhancer.

Here are some pics of the build.

As this was my first scratch-build model there has went a lot of things wrong.
The first thing was that i didn't use a normal keel.
Here is the inside of the hull before some major changes.

Here is one of the most dared changes, putting the whole main deck in the hull, for which parts of the hull had to be removed.

Here an drawing with pics from throughout the build.

Here the hull looks awful, but the stem is a bit the same as how i want to make it yet again, with foc'sle.

This is the progress of today, a bit of walls (which need to be increased in height) is attached, and the first part of the first webframe is made and placed.

Used an old picture and paint to make this Artist Impression.

And a picture of the same recepee to show what it will look like.
As these are only Artist Impressions there is probebly going to changes some things, but the foc'sle will come there.

Greetings Josse
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