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Originally Posted by Daemon
It'd probably be less annoying if you used the badge reel as originally
suggested, since it has a near constant light pull instead of getting
quickly tighter as you turn your head with the elastic band.
Agreed. If I had a badge reel thing it would be better, even without it, the mechanic tracker worked fine. But my original goal was to build a cheap general purpose HT (some what related to my research at uni), not just to use it for FPV, but also for things like walking around in VR n'stuff, where you don't have a convenient post in front of you to clip to...

For FPV alone, a mechanical tracker is cheaper, simpler, and in some ways more effective. I think there is probably a market opportunity for a nicely packaged mechanical tracker.

Originally Posted by Daemon
Looks to me like you've got a ways to go yet. You'll need to round up
the individual servo PPM pulses from the gyro, and make a proper
combined pulse to feed to the trainer port on the radio on selected
channels. In the end you'll still have a 2 axis gyro HT with inherent
geometric drift problem requiring periodic re-centering. You may
find yourself going back to the mechanical HT because it just works
and you never have to calibrate or recenter it.
Well integrating it in to the Tx will be simple. I have already modified my cheap RC radio, removed the original digital board, and replaced it with my own (actually I did it because I destroyed the old board by accidentally soldering 12V to 5V , but I digress...). So all I need to do is to link my HT with my Tx board with a simple serial connection.

The drift problem is more of a concern. I'm planning to use an 3 axis accelerometer for pitch and roll, so there will be no drift in pitch, and I can attempt to correct the gyro drift using a kalman filter in IMU style, as long as your head is not exactly straight up all the time. This is the part that will take the most work.

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