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Originally Posted by zitron
I've actually been using a mechanical tracker, the elastic band to tx antenna type. It works ok, apart from the fact that it's a bit annoying, and well, I didn't get much satisfaction building it !
It'd probably be less annoying if you used the badge reel as originally
suggested, since it has a near constant light pull instead of getting
quickly tighter as you turn your head with the elastic band.

I'll see how far I can go with the cheap gyro. When I get the whole thing working I'll put together some documentation in case anyone else wants to try building one...
Looks to me like you've got a ways to go yet. You'll need to round up
the individual servo PPM pulses from the gyro, and make a proper
combined pulse to feed to the trainer port on the radio on selected
channels. In the end you'll still have a 2 axis gyro HT with inherent
geometric drift problem requiring periodic re-centering. You may
find yourself going back to the mechanical HT because it just works
and you never have to calibrate or recenter it.

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