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Parts list and alternative size plans

Parts list for original 32.5" span size Yak

1 sheet 18 x 36 1.3# 9mm epp foam.
1/16" carbon rod for control rods.
1/32 music wire for control rod ends.
Sumo or equivalent glue
Welders glue

Here a list of hardware that can be used and the respective costs. make sure the components you chose are compatible with each other; especially motor and esc. For instance the Mag8 esc listed here will not work with the Hacker motor.

I would love to be able to find smaller/lighter stuff; especially servos; at comparable prices.

1) Cheapest, 24 gram motor, $8.95 ,

1.5) BW substitute

2) Mid $, 2204-14

3) More $,

Motor mount for 24 gram motor, Hi Model or Hobby City

Prop, $1.20, GWS 8x4 or GWS 8 x 4.3 available widely[/B]

Prop adapter if required, $1.99,

1) ESC for 24 gram motor, $11.95,
or HK supersimple $7.95

2) ESC for 2204-14, Scroll down the pageuntil you get to the motor and esc.

3) ESC for hacker,

1) cheapest Rudder and elevator Servos, $3.49 ea ,

2) mid $ servos, Eflight S60's,

3) high $ servos, Dymond D47,

Aileron servo

Reciever, $14,
Control horns 4ea, $1.25,
EZ connectors 4ea,

Fluffy foam 1 lb/cu ft: fluffy foam

Prop Saver Bands from West Michigan Parkflyers.

Parts I used on a very light 32.5" span indoor EPPYak55

Below are the Yak plans in different sizes:

Update: Indoorheli did an excellent job building a 22" Yak using 4site guts. A really outstanding build for those who want a smaller Yak for fying in really small spaces.

Also added August 24, 2009 Matt's "tabbed 36" plans"
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