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Yet another what to buy thread... (SAL/DLG, long post)

I feel almost guilty having to post yet another one of these posts here but making the choice for the right task is never easy, and sometimes these kinds of posts can generate some new suggestions that I have not come across with...

My experience is EPP sloper and HLG bug built to RCM plan.
I grew to like the bug a lot and would like something with better performance.

The reason I like the bug is because it flies off a flat field or a small embankment. It is very durable and after so many nose-ins and crashes I only managed to have the control horn pulled off from the V tail. Easy to fix with CA.

The reason I want an upgrade is because the duration is real short. This is partly because I have added quite a bit of FG to reinforce the pod structures (heavy). Of course my dumb thumb is a big part too.

I want something that has better hang time than the current bug on a flat field / small embankment, about the same if not more durable than the bug. Being able to be flown off a slope is an added bonus but not essential. My EPP slopers are better (my Zagi clone is quite good in weak slope lift).

I have read more than thousands of posts and have come to the following choices. I cannot really consider any other because I live in NZ and shipping can be a problem (i.e. I can never buy from NES, Art Hobby, Hobby-Lobby, Hobby-People, etc)

1. Allan Wright's Gambler
2. Modified RCM bug with extended wing and cruciform tail
3. Miniweasel
4. Red herring
5. Seeker
6. Spinner

This is what I have found about them:

1. Gambler. Structurally very much like the bug. Similar fuse. Built up structure makes it repairable and reproducible. Cost US$70+shipping. Purpose built for flat field

2. RCM bug with extended wing - completely scratch built. Most labor intensive with no "guaranteed" success. Performance may not be that much better. Cost minimal (just need new CF tube). Purpose built for HLG modified for SAL/DLG

3. Miniweasel - different planform all together. Tough. Cheapest of all the above foamies. Really designed for slope not flat field, so flat field performance doubtful. Cost $60 shipping included

4. Red herring - Similar to miniweasel. A bit more expensive. Really designed for SAL rather than slope. Performance data scant. Tough if EPP (but heavier)

5. Seeker. Seems to be tailored for flat field DLG / SAL. Light wing loading. Read somewhere that the wing is fragile and breaks in short notice. Cost about the same as gambler. Performance data scant. EPS.

6. Spinner. Full house. EPP so tough. Most expensive of the bunch. Really designed for slope, but may be flat field launchable. Flat field performance data scant. Would mean quite a lot more investment c.f. the other options. Top Limit of what I would spend

If I have unlimited funds I would have bought all of them but of coz I don't Just don't know which to buy. Does someone have 2 or more of these and can offer some comparison with respect to 1. flat field performance and 2. durability?


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