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Im saying quality between the het and tam. Het models suck as far as quality goes. Their crappy ass polyester resin is totally sub-par. Cracks and spider webs easily from just handling them. I have several of them all het models. me-262.f-4, but its wood,x 2 mig-29's, and had a f-16. All the same story. Look good from far but far from good!! Id take a tam or bvm model over het any day of eternity!!! Quality is most important to me. That is what seperates us I guess. Between being made for retracts, great molds and superb paint all het has is better pricing. But that would be expected from bad manufacturing on hets part. Ya get what ya pay for and that holds very true in this scenario. Het has good ideas and makes excellent fans!!!! But the quality needs to be stepped up, starting with retract mounts being pre-installed, so if ya want em there there and if ya dont dont cut em out. And the biggest killer is how they are made!! Id gladly pay 30-40$$ more per model if they were made with the quality of a K&A model. Epoxy resin instead of low grade polyester crack if a sneeze at it wrong resin. All of course my opinions and Im not biased. I just say it like it is. If het were like what I said above Id have all of them. But that wont happen cause they are massed produced!!
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