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Originally Posted by blakevan
Thanks for the clarification Doc. I guess I should just flip a coin! LOL
The only reasonable answer is to just get them all.

If a few extra dollars won't hurt you, look at the Slick. I just love mine. It's so nice I am almost afraid to fly it. It's different. It looks bug, it flies big, and it is big compaqred to a 47." It's only 51", but you will swear it is twice the size of a 47." Again, it's different, and you have to fly it differently, but I just love it. I want a backup so I can fly this one really hard and not sweat over hurting it.

After thinkng about it a bit, if you already have an SR, the SHP is pretty similar. If you want something different, the Edge is definately that. If you want more of the same, the SHP is lighter, floatier and more forgiving than the SR.

The SHP is not really a step backwards because I use the additional stability to push the SHP extremely hard. I do stupid things with the SHP that I would never dream dare to try with other planes. I love to go back to the SHP because it is so easy, and so reassuring to fly. Sure, the SR is like that too, but there are times with the SHP that I feel like I can fly it in my sleep.

Sometimes you need a no-brainer plane. When I am flying around a lot of people, I am very conserned about their safety, and the SHP is so easy that it is the one I like for occasions like that. Thing is, the SHP is still more capable than anything most of those people have ever seem, so it's not like anyone is going to look down their snoot at you for flying a 3D "trainer" because you have probably just blown them out of the air with totally hardcore 3D.
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