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Originally Posted by blakevan
Doc, do you mean Edge in these paragraphs or the Extra S/R.
In my last post I was comparing it to the Slick because that is the best harriering plane that most of us have ever flown. The Edge is really close to the Slick in harrier perfrmance. It might even be better, but I need to fly it more before I can tell.

I am really torn between the Edge and the blue SHP. I fly an S/R now and worry the SHP might be a step back but I really like the way the SHP looks.
Yeah, I have a blue 55" and it looks really sweet in the air. I'll get a blue 47" if there are any left after I recover financially from building an SR, a Sukhoi, and an Edge 540 in one week, and a 40" Edge 540 next week. I may have to recover from a divorce too, as mad as she is that I am spending so much money!

The SHP isn't exactly a step backwards because it is still a world class 3D machine. It is just more docile and forgiving than the SR, but not much. It's lighter, so if you are going to be doing a lot of Alpha that will come in handy.

Besides the Edge just came out so I should be able to get it for awhile but not sure how much longer the SHP will be in the 3DHS line up.
I'm willing to bet the SHP will be around forever because it is hands down the best all around, do-it-all 3D plane of all time. The SR is very close, and if I could only have one I don't kniow which one I would pick. The Edge is also right in there with these two, aso you don't have an easy choice.

However, no one who has bought an SHP has ever been sorry. You absolutely can't go wrong with an SHP.

(not starting rumors it just makes sense that the older birds will be dropped for new models.)
I'm sure the SHP will go away when they stop selling, but don't see that ever happening. The SHP is just too good.

However, I am leaning a bit toward thinking the Edge 540 could be the next 1000 page plane here at RC Groups. Even on 4s it is extremely light and floaty. It's got great pitch authority, and it harriers like a monster. I'm definately getting another one, again, after I recover from all the recent spending.
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