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Originally Posted by Doubletap
they are different in that the turbine jet benefits from the expansion of hot gases which doesn't exist with the ducted fan.
Actually I was referring to simple shop air being blown down a clear acrylic tube. At least that is what we had in my labs. No turbines or hot gases, we would burn ourselves for sure I recall we had ~3" diameter clear tubing with shop air blowing down it then we measured the head losses from expansions going from say a 3" to 4" tube then compared our measured head loss "K" factors to what was published in our textbooks based on the expansion area ratios. Lots of fun

I need to grab my Fluids book and take a look to refresh (been 13 year myself). Might be fun to see what is going on. My Eeagletree can get me airspeed then that leads to Reynolds number and so on....

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