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CG is still in the recomended place. I copied the paper cup exhaust and while it looks cool, I think it actually adds speed. So does 2100 mah and I spend alot longer at full throttle. Vertical is still pretty weak but better than most EDF rtfs. My stock Phase 3 F16 blows it away. I concur on the overbanking tendancy, I'm flying it on my original 4 channel radio with no expo, it's pretty twitchy. I had a dead stick (over 10 min.) and landed in some tall weeds and broke off the tail. It glides like a greased brick. I'll add some toothpicks because it looks like a weak spot behind the tail servo hatch. I'm not sure if this plane would do well as a belly lander, I get tail strikes just landing on the gear. And the nose gear has a shorter straighter pushrod now. Takeoff are still exciting but much improved.
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