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Elevator like 1/2" up and down, maybe 15 expo

Ailerons like same, but lots more expo, I use 40 on them.

Nosewheel, redo stock suck linkage, lots of expo, or suffer grinding the wingtips off tipping over syndrom. This plane has NO tolerance for just flooring it and taking off. It has to have an almost absolute straight takoff run. Go drive it around before you try to fly, make sure you can drive FAST and STRAIGHT.

Visibility: the stock paint color fades out fast, and the weird shape, keep it close the first few flights, I painted my wingtips in the top to help, and it does.

This is the only plane I have had where taking off {nice} is as intense as landing, probably harder. Just look at the gear stance Landing is easy on this no prob.

Dont worry U get used to it after a bit. Good luck and let us know.
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