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Originally Posted by merlinfan
I maidened my Salamander today. Yep, the nosewheel steering sucks. I'll have to chop off the nose and fix that. As expected its sensitive in roll. What I didn't like was that it took tons of up elevator in turns to hold altitude.
2nd flight used a TP 1320 and puffed it. 3rd flight, found that a Thunder Power Prolite 2100 fits and will slide back all the way till it balances properly. No cutting necesary. I used some foam rubber in the battery compartment to keep it from sliding forward. Now it grooves in the turns and needs much less back presure to make them level. I guess it's becase the mass is closer to the CG.
Congrats! How was the power? Did it require full throttle? How was top end speed? Slow speed handling? Stall?
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