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New ideas

The last two post brought up some interesting ideas, some that are new to me. Reading about the different flavors of watts was most enjoyable. And the 2-min. motor run makes a lot of sense.

The idea that everyone will push the rules to the limit I also believe. And, pushing against the limits does definitely advance skill and machinery. Competing also seems to get you out in weather that keeps sane people comfortably at home.

For soaring it appears when looking at all the complexity that HL could be the simplest. No launching equipment just the Tx and the plane, minimum space, usually anything 1.5M or smaller. However, if you can HL a 3M most will take your entry fee. Of course, you still have the big spenders who show up with a carload of $1K ships, but it still takes mastery of reading, and working erratic low-level lift to be in top five.

I guess after that any design 1.5M, or smaller on a mini-hi-start would be next in line for simplicity, probably needing minimum to no rules.

I use the hi-start, but only because I have to. If I could HL I wouldn't be on this thread, and probably wouldn't have learned as much. However, I'm still out in the fresh air, and walking 100' to pick up the line and another 100' to stretch is not so bad unless I listen to the voice in my head that says this part is a PITA.

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