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Originally Posted by Tim Farrar
Dag !!

That is so cool !!!!

Dag, I dont know anything about these animation video test's or any of your computer skill's to tell the truth...

Does the retract video work just as the real stuff that you will have to fabricate ?

What I mean is, If you copy in size and all just what you have drawn in the animation will it work exactly the same or will you have to perfect on it a bit more ?

I have another stupid question, I hope you dont mind...
Do they just use the jet engines for take off and then turn them off once in flight ?

Also I wonder why they didnt design the jet engines a little closer to the fuselage ?
It just seems as if they could have pushed better there rather than so close to the wingtips...

I barely know how to turn my computer on to check out the wonderfull things you can do with yours !!!

Seeya, Tim
Yep, it all works as drawn, I can actually tell it what load the spring are or what load the dampers (shocks) may see.

The engines were used for take off and landing and when on the bomb run (for added speed to get away from the nuke so it would not hurt the plane).

The engines were out there so that they could utilze the strong points of the wing, also because of where they located the fuel system to feed the engines. Most people dont know that these engines were set very cool (rich) and burned actual aviation fuel not jet fuel. The small tabs on the exit pipe of the engine was to tune it to burn cool. This way the plane was a single fuel type plane.

Man have I read to much about this plane.

Thanks, DAG
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