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Infineon Owners Set Ups

A new addition for reference, when folks ask what a typical Infineon/I3D set up would be.

Drop a message or PM of your build preferences and I will post them.

bwoollia West Coast, on Vancouver Island.
5mm Cellfoam88 throughout
FC 28-22 Brushless Outrunner 1200kv
Turnigy TG9e 9g
Turnigy 1440A Servo 4.4g
ESC - some 20A

niddaparkflyer Frankfurt/Germany
Infineon hotwire-cut RG30 (1.9#) EPP
Aeolian 2826/1200 motor, 45g
RC Smart 25A ESC - too heavy, and not very smart either, but I had it lying around
HXT900 aileron servo, Turnigy 4.4g servos for rudder and elevator
Small noname 4ch indoor flyer RX - 5g
Static thrust with 2s1000mAh and 9x7 prop 350g - not enough,
450g with 3s600mAh and 8x6 prop - should work!
Thrust angles 3deg down, 2deg right
Carbon fiber pushrods, homemade CF/plywood control horns, shrink tube linkages and UHU-Por hinges
Cassutt style wheel pants

Paul PL Lublin, Poland
Infineon with 3D mods
Blue Wonder 1300kv
3s500 or 3s600mAh batteries
1x HXT900
2x HXT500
SuperSimple 8-10A ESC
9x4,7 prop
Corona 8ch dual conv. receiver

spirroau Tasmania, Australia
1300 kv blue wonder
10amp esc
10x4 prop
3 Blue arrow 4.5 servos.
2S800 20c battery
AUW with is 280 grams

Standard Infinion.
Weight 16oz/1lb/455g
6mm Depron all round
Strong Power A2212-10 (140W) 1400Kv SP Brushless Outrunner Motor
SP 20A ESC Speed controller
3 x Towerpro MG90 14g 2.5kg Torque Ball Raced Micro Servo
Corona Single Conversion RS410II Receiver
Loong max 1800 3S1P 25C-35C Lipo Battery
SF 3D propeller 9x4.7 / 229x119.5mm

Paul PLLublin, Poland
Turnigy 2230 27g motor with GWS8034 SF prop
Corona 8Ch synth. receiver
2x EM 4,3g servos (one killed in a little crash yesterday )
1x HXT900 servo (ailerons)
2s 850mAh or 2s 1000mAh lipos

Paintball Kidz
Fan Fold Foam
4 hxt 900 servos
hacker clone 20-28m
9x6 sf prop
25amp esc
3s 1300mah.
AUW 15 ounce

3mm Dupron Infineon
Custom CDR cool wind
500 3 cell Zippy
Phoenix 10
AUW 9.5 oz[/QUOTE]

Location: Forest Hill, MD
AUW 14 1/2 oz
Const - all Dollar Tree foamboard with bamboo stick for reinforcement.
Motor - 400xt
Servos hxt 9g
Rec - Spectrum ar6100
Color- packing tape
No landing gear
3s1250 mah lipo

i3D Dupron
lazertoyz 2830-09
lazertoyz 20ax esc
10x6 prop (+/- 30 ounces of thrust!)
10.5-11 oz.auw
900 mah 3s
12-13 amp draw

Infineon - foamboard
Esky 1000kv motor
Towerpro 18A esc
Esky 9g servos
Emax 10X4.7 prop
AUW 500g

I3D 38" WS - foamboard
Dualsky 260W BL motor
12X6 GWS HD prop
Towerpro 30A esc
Towerpro 9g servos
AUG 700g

400xt motor (Yeah a heavy motor but the BW couldn't take the weight)
18amp esc (again heavy)
two hs-55 for tail
HC 9gm for aileron
berg micro stamp 4ch receiver (Finally something light )
Rhino 20c 3cell 460mah
Deans connectors and 16g wires.

Daoldguy <White i3D>
Foam: 3mm Fuse, 5mm Wings, Scaled up to 35.5 inch wing.
Motor: Axi by Model Motors 2208/34 Silver Line
Prop: GWS 9050DD will be testing a 10 inch to slow it down.
Lipo: Rhino 3S750
Servos Futaba S3110 tail and HS55 Ailerons
ESC: Jeti 12amp Econo
Corona Synth from HC.
Glue: Welder and Beacons Fab-tac
Carbon Fiber: RCFoam.com3mmX.5mm Strips for Wings and Centre Crutch. 2mm Tube for X Braces.
Connecting Rods: Dubro Mini Set .032 and Dubro Micro Horns and Razor Horns.
AUW 12 Ounces

BP A2208-17 (knock-off of Axi 2208/34)
Thunderbird 18a ESC
GWS 8x5 DD prop
ThunderPower 3s700mah lipo
Spektrum dx7 microlite Rx & servos
AUW with lipo is 372 grams, or 13 oz.


axi 2208 34 silver
jeti 12 speed controller
apc slowfly 9x3.8
rcm-pelikan ray 850mah 3s (67g)
recycled shockie horns, rods and wheel bits cut down
5g servos
hs55 ailerons
auw w/battery 288g

My new i3d
Little Screamers DeNovo
1000 mAh lipo
TB18 esc
8x4/3 prop
2x hxt 500 and 1x hxt 900
ar6100 rx
AUW 10.3 oz

6mm EPP foam
Motor: Axi 2208/34
RX: 6 ch Corona Syn Rx
ESC: 18Amp simple
Servos: 3 off UH 8gm servos
25 Knot wind Maiden Video

Foam: 6mm EPP and 3mm EPP. You can use 6mm and 3mm Depron but it'll be heavier and it'll crack instead of bouncing when you hit the ground.
Motor: Little Screamer Purple Peril from Hobby Lobby (any lightweight motor that will put out 20oz of thrust, I like a lot of power)
ESC: Phoenix CC10 or Cool Running A-12 or any lightweight equivalent
Servos: (3) HS-55's, I'm actually using HS-50's on the tail
Battery: 3cell TP730's, Loong 850's, or Rhino 850's
Prop: GWS DD 8x4
CF: 4 strips of 3mmx.5mm 32" long, a couple of 2mm rods about 12" long
Glue: for EPP only - Household Goop from Home Depot or Ace Hardware

Mr J from Sweden
Infineon Indoor Version in Dupron
Hextronic 5g/9g
Turnigy 10 A
Turnigy 2205/50
Corona Synth 4ch
Loong Max 500 mAh 3 cell
APC Slowfly 9x4,7
AUW 9.062 Ounces

Foam: 3mm Fuse, 6mm Wings, and 9mm Tail Feather and belly
Motor: Axi by Model Motors 2208/26 Silver Line
Prop: GWS 9050DD
Lipo: Rhino 3S610
Servos Futaba S3110/3108
ESC: Apollo 12amp <It is what I had at the time, not preffered>
RX: Futaba R114 <It is what I had at the time, not preffered> Rather have a Corona Synth from HC.
Glue Welder, the Wal-mart one has the pointed tip made on the tube, comes in a 2 pack, 1 small <flight box> one large. Beacons Fab-Tac Wal-Mart Sweing dept.
Carbon Fiber: RCFoam.com3mmX.5mm Strips for Wings and Centre Crutch. 2mm Tube for X Braces and LG.
Connecting Rods: Dubro Mini Set .032 and Dubro Micro Horns and Razor Horns.
AUW 11.2 Ounces

Pixturethis <Profile Infineon>
Axi motor
GWS 8x4.3
eflite servo's
thunderbird 9 ESC
Some changes, made it a profile 9MM EPP, balance tabs on all flt controls.
2 cell 480mah.
4.7oz. without battery.

Mini Infineon
6mm 1.9# Epp
weight not yet known
24gr hextronic mtr
9amp Castle esc
500 mah 11.1 lipo
and a 9 x 3.8 gws prop.
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