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Originally Posted by b_carleton
Being at first hesitant about sending an order to Banana Hobby,
I have since changed my mind after reading all the good things
on this forum. Sounds to me like one man has saved a business.
Therefore I ordered the Super Easy Fly motor glider.
I have a throwing arm which has seen better days and the 7.2
ounce per square foot is lighter than any sailplane I've studied.
That's what made up my mind.
Although I'll probably be changing the radio system later on, the
3000 foot range on the stock system seems powerful enough as is.
Does any one know how the controls are set up on the stock radio ?
Is it Ailerons and elevator on the right stick ? Throttle and rudder
on the left ? If so I may keep the stock radio system.
Winter's coming fast here in New Hampshire but even if the ground
is covered with three feet of snow and thermals are nothing more
than a fond memory, I WILL be test flying it when it arrives.

I appreciate your post! Thank you for trusting in me and BH. The radio gear is set up standard mode 2. Throttle and Rudder on the Left stick and Elevator and Aileron on the right stick. The Stock radio does the job really well. Please always range check it before flying of course. If you plan on doing any high altitude thermal soaring, I suggest going to like a 2.4 system. She thermals really well. Power assisted thermal soaring is so much fun! If you have any issues with the product, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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