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I just finished my copterX build tonight!

Had a bugger of a job getting the "jesus bolt" in. There are three sleeves, it has to run through all three, and all three can and do rotate in any direction and the head of course can slide up and down, and the middle sleeve can move as well. The gear/slip mechanism means the slightest jog in one direction means you have to rotate the head 180 degrees back around again to re-find the hole. Much cursing. Maybe someone knows a better way? I've not encountered this before but this is my first assembly so what do I know... It also wasn't clear to me that the collar below the head and above the frame, which has two grommets to hold it, is best moved up or down by rotating it, like a screw.

Second problem: the scorpion escape does not fit, (45A). It is too wide and too long. It can sort-of fit but then there is no hope of getting the canopy on. So I used a less functional but much smaller dualsky escape. Shame, I was looking forward to the scorpion. It has the programming remote IR, and looks great in gold.

Third problem: the canopy holes are too small for the rubber grommets. At least I failed trying to squash them in. Out with the dremel and I took the chance to widen them in the direction that gives more space as well as taking the dremel to the bottom again to give more space.. otherwise it is very tricky to pull the canopy over the mounting posts. When complete it easily swallows a fairly fat zippy 2250

Fourth problem: the scorpion motor screws are useless for the mounting block, you need machine bolts which are longer. Luckily I had two that were long but not so long that they drive into the motor windings. Oh, and the wires from the scorpion are unfortunately placed for the copterX. Trimming the excess heat shrink helps, though. There is enough diameter for a fatter motor than the HK-2221-8 or whatever 22 series I have here.

Eyeballing the swash and the servo arms, and getting the directions right in the dx6i, and the swash mix right, I found everything satisfactory with full positive and negative pitch available and no buzzing servos. Using HS65MG, and the second from longest horns with one side cut off.

Another issue is a servo sometimes glitches with fairly fast motion, like a little wobble at one point. This is nothing to do with the copterX, just something I observed with the AR6200 and DX6i and HS65MG. Maybe I'll try to isolate it to a specific servo, or the ESC or something..

The canopy looks good on, with the black having a metallic sheen to it, nice and substantial look to it and really covers everything up.

I think I either lost as servo mount nut and bolt, or the kit was missing it..

I'm looking forward to flying this thing. It looks tuff ..
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