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Laying out the plan of attack...

Very basically, the first thing you want to do is decide what you want when you are done with the project... A show winner? Something to use that looks nice? This decision will determine later steps... Carefully evaluate the project... what of the existing structure can be made to look nice while also having the strength to do its job... Is the wood dried out? was the ply veneer sanded through in areas that will be finished bright? these are pieces that may need to be replaced in a show boat but they may be 'restored' with penetrating epoxy (works wonders) and finished with paint if used on a daily driver...

Taking lots of pictures and collecting drawings if available are great first steps- When you do start taking things apart (and you will) do so carefully (you will be amazed at how easily these old boats come apart with careful use of an exacto), plan ahead and keep EVERYTHING until the project is complete- you never know what you might need as a template-

Finally, if you see something on the model that was poorly done by the original builder and it can be repaired or replaced by you, do it- it is your boat now... Don't worry about the "history", etc. now is the time to make it right...

Do not underestimate the project- it is often more effort to rebuild something than it is to build new- this comment is not at all meant to discourage you- Just know that it might take longer than expected but the effort will be rewarding!

And... Have fun, start a rebuild thread!
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