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Originally Posted by seanpcola
Hi Scott,

What area of the country do you live in? Reason I ask is that the 1.5M stuff is getting popular around here. I, personally, am a really young guy , only 51 on my last BD, but there are some really ancient guys here like John255 that fly this size off a small histart. As a matter of fact I may very well start launching more that way than DLG since I apparently have damaged my shoulder (rotator cuff) within the last month due to my poor discus form. I'll PM John and have him post comments about his experiences doing this. It's a blast and I would like to get some sort of organized meets going on the near future.


I'm'ah turning 60 and your complain'in.... gotta get mine set up so I can play to..... The Sarge (Petty Officer) in tells me to tell you get that shoulder looked at....... NOW

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