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Flying Wing 43" span a zagi type using the KFm4 profile

17 1/2oz AUW ... span 43"... 11.1 2200 lipo ..9x5gws prop ...large bell motor from overlander UK ...esc and rec ..the motor draws about 11A full power on this setup, and gives 24oz it goes well
I was trying to compare it to my zagi, but in every way it goes better.
top speed much the same, but ive a more expensive faster motor on the zagi.
slow speed, as it is so much more stallproof, you can get it to high alpha, and walk it by..
glides great, hands off flat the glide you can get it to full up elevator no power without any problems, it just hangs there in the breeze, the zagi stalls like a good'n if your speed gets too low, and thats still easy flying speed for this wing.
Rolls fine.
Loops are a bit larger than I like, but my cog is in a very safe forward position, and will probably stay there. It has plenty enough elevator authority for turns and landing.
overall cost ...a better solution 9gm servos, cheap motor etc... airframe total cost about 10.... a zagi costs about 30

construction notes here

video here..
Double KF wing KFm4 (4 min 43 sec)

Ive since fitted it with my removeable UC for rise off ground, which I prefer...
UC build here

this undercarriage is used on the superfly , octagon/nutball , and my wings
davereap is online now Find More Posts by davereap
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