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Originally Posted by Maxih
Hi to all..

Have been scootin around with my Yardbird F-22 for the past few months until last week when i managed to drive it into the ground and spend quite some time picking up the pieces..

So the question is - another YB or something a little different????

One of the guys i fly with has been playing around with an indoor version of this 22 and i gotta admit, i like the shape.. The YB was a nice looking plane but this one has some really smooth lines.. A brief skim thru this thread also has many comments claiming this one leaves the Yarbird in its wake..

So, i'm building me one... Gotta admit, i don't have the steadiest hand when it comes to cutting out plans, so that caused some apprehension but now that i'm half way built i'm loving the look & eagerly awaiting the first flight with those cool elevons...

Have tomorrow to finish the build (gotta work around domestic duties) before flying with the guys Sunday morning..

This plane, i feel, is going to be FUN....


I built both the YB-22 and Tomhe's F-22 at the same time. I like both very much and have to say that either one will give great satisfaction. The YB-22 kit is much better than the 6mmflyrc kit for the price. Tomhe's design will do things the YB-22 cannot but the YB-22 is very smooth and stable. It is deffintiely a toss up but would have to give the edge to Tomhe's design.
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