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Originally Posted by flyingj

Are you just showing this because it is cool, or is this going to be something we can get our hands on as well?


I don't know yet. The plane is not perfected yet. Lots of work still to do and I have these things called my family and my job that get my time priority. I'm showing it because it is cool and I like it when others do this kind of a R/D thread.

My son has taken over the cutting business and is considering options. We have the ability to mass produce the plane but I don't know if there is a strong enough demand to justify tooling up. The wing is complex and will be more time consuming to set up than most kits.

Look at these well known mail order EPP planes:

EPP Eagle on EBay with it's complex wing
EPP Superfly at
EPP Super Zoom at
EPP Tango at
EPP JW60, JW36 and Scooter at
EPP Snowball This is a great plane at a great price everyone should own one.

See what they are charging? Luckily we don't have to deal with $50 shipping from China. Compare The Peregrine to all other EPP planes in size and complexity, especially those with the dense foam. What should be a going fair price for an EPP plane like this? (P.S. The EPP Peregrine flies better.)

For right now we are still in the R and D phase but our main goal is to get ready for the Utah Sky Trials in February to fly with the real falcons. We may put a few out for beta testing and painting and see what ideas others can add to the design.

I am a modeler and will never make my living from cutting foam. I love design not mass production. The best way to ruin a perfectly good hobby is make it your profession.

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