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Originally Posted by martimer
The farther forward they are, the more effect they have on pitch rate - think of it as a longer moment arm.
I've been working away on my Beechcraft Starship - concept tester. here's a link I haven't had much chance to fly it yet due to bad weather. Maiden flight was last week. I was delighted with how well-behaved it is. Pulls out of a dive nicely. Yank and bank works fine and there was a nice steady glide to land. I didn't try adding a little power to flair on landing as I didn't want to take any chances on stalling near the ground. Can't wait to get it out again.

In this case, practice seems to confirm that a fairly long moment arm will allow me to get away with a smallish canard. As an almost complete canard-beginner, I would say there are 2 rules for success...

1) Follow the Canard Addict suggestion for incidence, ie zero for the motor 1.5 degrees for the wing and 3.5 degrees for the canard.
2) Use the CoG calculator.

I'm not so confident about taking off from grass. It was quite windy when I tried. As soon the as the nose got up, the wind got under it, turned it sideways on and bowled it over. I'll wait for a calm day before I try that again.

I'm hooked!

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