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Deltas have some advantages, including more lifting surface for less wingspan and can be stronger for less weight penalty. The disadvantages include some handling problems at low speed and higher drag.

1) Forward canards enable more pitch stability & more gentle rolling?

The farther forward they are, the more effect they have on pitch rate - think of it as a longer moment arm. This is good because you can make them smaller which reduces weight and drag.

Forward positioning of a canard has very little effect on rolling, although there is some linkage between the various degrees of freedom. Generally the canard control surfaces move at the same amount and are limited to pitch.

2) Canards just in-front of wings provide less stability and more unstable maneuverability?

Stability is generally a function of the separation between the center of gravity and center of aerodynamic lift. If the weight of the canard remains constant as it is moved forward on the design, the cg and cl will also move forward. Generally, the canard gets smaller as it gets moved forward which can tend to mitigate the movement of the cg and cl. So, it really depends on what you are moving and how much.
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