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I got eaten alive when I first started. The vendor tried to cooperate for awhile but I got a string of defective Walkera parts. He gave up and quit accepting returns. They are much better these days.

Funny, I write comedy stuff and this thread reminds me of an old reject of mine. ( not completely my original but an old favorite redone)
It's about two tree climbers on a tropical island. They are talking :

Ho Ho, I see heem climb duh coconut tree for thurdy year, thurdy year he climb duh coconut tree, piek beeg box coconuts, take to market, no one buy duh coconut. He take dem home, I not know what he do wit dem.
I climb duh bananna tre, piek beeg box bananna take to market, dey buy all duh bananna. I come home wit empty box and beeg money.
Ho ho he climb dat coconut tree thurdy year ! No one buy duh coconut.

I guess that could also say don't climb the coconut tree, shop at Bananna Hobby.

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