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Originally Posted by Chophop
Tamej, I suppose I shouldn't go into the OT stuff, I'm already the OT King, I think. Maybe my new Avatar, with a throne, crown, etc.
But the motor looks excellent, need more time. Also looks like a great 4S motor for my MX400 CPM.

I think I would go metal pinion if they are stripping. If they are, then the intention of the device is bringing on more trouble. I'd rather risk the main gear than likely do the usual CP head damage because it stripped. So they are mod .4 ? I'll look back.

They are mod 0.4 (64pitch is close enough). As to stripping, it's only an issue with high power loads on the 14 tooth, I have actually not had any damage caused by pinions stripping in flight (I have auto'ed down in those situations where the 14 tooth let go, and not had any stripping problems with any of the 15T and larger pinions).

What I'm getting at, is that the Maxir/Ricco setups most people fly on, are tried and true and don't need tweaking. Why re-invent the wheel if you don't yet have the capability of utilizing what's already there?

Start with one of the recommended setups and go from there if you choose, the Axi 2208/20 with 15 tooth plastic pinion is already a perfect combo for power and duration on 3 cells (I've personally flown hundreds of flight hours on that combo doing tictocs, rainbows, loops, rolls, flips, inverted, piroflips, etc.). The current recommended setup's duration, nor power are left wanting, so you have to ask yourself, what are you attempting to do?

Even with a new motor that specs out well on paper, the only way to know for sure is to try it out in flight. Do you want to try to overcome potentally new issues, or to get in the air knowing that the potential problems you face have already been handled by others and the answers are just a few posts away?

My motor and cell count experiments are "because it's there" tinkering, either Maxir or Ricco are perfectly capable of up through hard 3D with just the 2208/20 setup (and yet still capable of hovering around for >14min on TP1320). I will be the first to admit that my 4cell Maxir SE is just for show, the real advancement in flying skills I garner, comes from my 3cell 2208/20 Maxir SE setup (4s is on my blue SE, 3s is on my red SE).

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