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Originally Posted by MtnGoat
If Obama takes it, I am looking very forward to the heaping helping of all the responsibility for what occurs, that will oh so squarely smack in the middle on his and the Dems plates.

The economy and recession? All Obama. Fuel prices and electricity prices, driving prices increase everywhere? All Obama. Future terror attacks? All Obama. The slaughter of civilians by insurgents and jihadis, and chaos in Iraq caused by cutting and running? All Obama.

I'd rather none of this happened, but when it does, there it's going to be in his and the Dems laps, and the contrast with the land of someone else's milk and honey promised is going to be savage.
Oh, HARDLY. How do you figure? The way I see it, the only things that could land on our plate is the things that haven't happened.
Don't think just because Obama is taking over that he'll be taking responsibility for all the crap here. Remember; Bush bombed the economy, Bush bombed fuel and electricity prices, and Bush got us in this going-nowhere war. Didn't happen under Obama's term did it? I think not.
"Cutting and running" would be the best thing that could happen to us. We had zero business in this situation in the first place. Seriously, we've found one REALLY popular target, can't seem to find another, lost thousands of brave soldiers, and have yet to find a SINGLE WMD. Tell me, why are we there? Is it really protection or just the oil? I find it to be the latter.
And remember, if you DO see your post fair, it'll apply all the same to McCain if he gets in. No double standardizing allowed. Seems to be a hard concept for some.
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