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Originally Posted by Aerominded
"Down east" refers to a geographic area in the north eastern U.S.- boats from that area ususally have certain design features/characteristics that are somewhat unique...

Your boat looks to me more like it is from way down east... Carolinas to Florida... Very nice looking plug by the way...

Thank you Aero.
The term down east comes from the prevailing winds in New England, in the summertime coming from the sw and west so if you were going from, say, new London to Boston, that would mean you are traveling down wind, east bound. Down = down wind.
I do use the term down east to describe the hull also even though from the cut water to the tip of the bow is not an actual "spoon bow" (convex from the cut water to the tip of the bow or steam head) but a sport fish style. Some down east, like lobster boats, do have the concave lines from the cut water to the tip of the bow. This would be easy to change to a spoon bow type on the plug also the flair that continues 90% of the way to the transom is not indicative of a true down east boat. The term is used loosely sometimes.
I do have plans for a true downeaster that will also be large. I think it is 54 inch.
I like big boats. They are capable of carrying a lot of weight and weight, low in the hull, IS stability thus able to handle larger seas but the user has to know how to do that also.
Just for Sh=ts and giggles, if you would like to see one go to "yacht World" and search "Chauncey Creek Boats". This is the boat my friend and I built a couple of years ago. A true downeaster.
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