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Originally Posted by mdw21
This is great news!. I guess the 60mph limit rules out the FPV Funjets though :-)

1/2 throttle ?
I think this is largely unenforceable except for blatant violations. Sixty mph is pretty fast for an easy star, though I am sure there are a few that can go sixty straight up. I'll have to clock mine one of these days. Maybe we can borrow the town's radar for an hour or so and see just how fast (or slow) these things go.

I bought a twister, still in the box. I guess I am not flying it FPV unless I do so slope soaring!

As Anthony points out, head tracking is still possible.

What I would like at this point is some really good goggles. I have yet to find goggles that are good under normal sunlit flying conditions. I can record pretty good video, but the ground looks black in my goggles.

Hmm... If I can resurrect my Eyetops I wonder if I can fly without the buddy box? I can follow the plane with one eye and glance at the Eyetops when needed, or visa versa. I only used them once, and hated them, but they have more adjustment than anything I've gotten my hands on since. I've been thinking of sawing them up and fitting the eyepiece to some cheap sunglasses, centered just below my right eye.

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