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Wing Assembly

Main Wing Assembly

Fig 24: Choose the aileron servo mount that best fits your servo. Servo mounts are marked for the four recommended servos. Assemble the aileron servo mounts and glue them to the center ribs (W1a and W1b). Be sure to build them as a left side and right side. Glue W9 into place. W9 hole should align with hole in W1.

Fig 25: (No Glue) Insert the ribs into the main spar crutch. Be sure to install the correct rib in the correct location. Ribs are numbered 1-7. Rib number 7 is installed at the wing tip. Insert the leading and trailing edge pieces. Square the trailing edge piece to the two end ribs and tack glue the trailing edge corners only. Square the leading edge piece to the end ribs and tack glue at the leading edge corners. Do not glue anything else at this time.

Fig 26: Insert top and bottom spar caps. Stretch a piece of transparent 3M scotch tape over the caps end to end. The tape will prevent you from gluing the wing to your work surface. Set the wing on a flat surface and use a straight edge to put pressure on the upper spar cap. Glue with thin CA all joints in the spar.

Fig 27: Install, square and glue the trailing edge caps.

Fig 28: Insert and glue 3/32x1/16 stringers. Sand all pieces that protrude beyond W1 and W7 flush.

Fig 29: Glue end caps. Some overlap should be visible. After glue dries, sand flush with Rib 7.

Fig 30: Cut remaining aluminum tubing in half. Each piece should be approximately 2. Install with two W8 pieces. Take extra care that the tube is straight.

Fig 31: Temporarily install the carbon wing guide-pin in the fuselage. It is a good idea to taper the ends of the pin before installing. Install wing lock tabs into the fuselage, one over the other using provided #2-56 screw. Note: The slots in the wing are offset, be sure to match the tabs to the wing. Slide the wings into place and tack glue the tabs to the wings. Let the glue dry then remove the wing and finish gluing the tabs. Avoid applying glue where it will affect sliding the wing into the fuselage.

Block sand the entire wing. Sand trailing edge pieces flush with the ribs and each other.
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