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Well yeah, so what you are suggesting is that everyone with an Extra/Yak/ Or a 3d capable model, should only putt putt around in circles, as to stay safe with an airplane?!
At what point did I suggest that? EVERY airplane, from Trainers to 3D acro machines, has structural limits ... I'm suggesting Jim exceeded those when he snapped the airplane at full throttle. It struck me funny that everyone was patting him on the back for the save, when it was poor technique that got him in that position to begin with. Again, my point was ... stay within the designed structural limits of the airplane you are flying and you won't have to resort to the "heroics" of landing an airplane with only 1 wing.

You are telling everyone to do no manouvers!
Again, where have I suggested that? I've been an acro guy for 20 years and I've NEVER broken an airplane in flight. Why? Because I understand the correlation of airspeed, G loading, and structural limits. All too often modelers break airplanes because they don't understand this simple concept. For whatever reason, many modelers think a 3D or aerobatic airplane is indestructible and you can just bang the sticks around at any airspeed and it should hold up. Far from the truth, as Jim has proven.

By the way, it's maneuvers not manouvers.

And one more thing ... I don't know Jim and my post isn't aimed at him personally. In fact, I greatly enjoyed his article in Sport Aerobatics and applaud his efforts to bridge the two sports together. I would hope that given his experience with full scale aerobatics, he would use this platform to help educate modelers on the importance of aircraft limitations. I assure you, he flies Russian Thunder with more respect than he did Keith's Yak. But why should it be different, just because your butt is in the seat? Do we really need a 30% or 40% acro machine, with only 1 wing, crashing into the pitts or spectator area? Thankfully, Jim's skills allowed him to dodge that bullet.
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