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New Project = new problems !!

Hi guys

Ok this is my first post and i'm asking for help already !!

I'm building a RC bait boat, not sure if any of you have heard of "bait boats" ? They are simply a boat which has a means of taking upto 3kg of bait out to a selected place and then dumping it ... fishing got technical !

So, i've built the hull but i've come to a bit of a problem. The way i've chosen to deliver the bait is quite simple, its a sloping ramp with a hatch at one end which opens and then the bait slides down the slope and into the water. The problem is I'm not sure how to raise and lower the hatch.

The hatch is hinged on the top and wants to swing upwards, away from the back of the boat. (I think its probably a good idea if i post some pictures to show you all what i mean ?)

Hopefully some of you will be kind enough to help out an RC noob !?? I'm a total novice and this is my first ever project so please be gentle lol.

I look forwards to talking to you all soon and pleasssseeeee any tips or hints chuck them on here, i'm interested !

Thanks guys,
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