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Originally Posted by woketman
Yes, the forward & rear wing caps are plenty to keep the wings in allignment. Don't forget: when the wing is fastened to the fuselage, the wing seat does the lion's share of keeping the wings in allignment!

I disagree with the statement "you have to remember these are trainers not acrobatic planes". If Horizon has done their job correctly (and to me, it appears they have), then this spar, if un-damaged, should handle just about everything that you can do to this plane. That includes full throttle verticle dives with an insane pull-up at the bottom (that is excatly what a learning student will do once in a while).

Great job Horizon!!!
Maybe i worded it wrong or you just disagree,which is great thats why we have these discussions,you are correct that these plans will get put threw the paces buy students and will be stressed ,would i have a student on a windy day dive MY plane and do a insane pullout ,no way,maybe with his plane LOL .but that may happen with students and it should take the stress but would i fly this like my t28,no,i have a t28 power 15 with spars in the wing and fuse and hammer it all day and not worry but still am careful ,do you fly this the way you fly your 200mph turbine ?I would not do it with this for 2 reasons, 1> i did not buy this to fly that way i also bought it for me and my son,who also is loosing interest fast,and i fly it at a relaxing pace in contrast to the t28 and other planes and its a great plane for that and doing video i have a blast with it,the other reason i do not go crazy with this is there is not as much discussion on this plane and do not know all its strengths and weakness as we just found out with capmike and my problem with the caps,Your point is true it should be able to take stress students put on this plane,my point is am i going to try to overstress this plane no way i already watched a wing fall of at 1000ft.i guess i am a bit overcausious since loosing the first one and fly it a bit conservatively but its still a blast as you say doing touch and goes and flying in general

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