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Originally Posted by woketman
A second spar is possible, but it would take a LOT of effort. Besides, it is entirely unwarranted. The stock design is perfectly adequate, as long as the spar and the spar's receiver are un-damaged as designed.

I have one of the kits from the first batch. I have checked and the little wing dowel end caps are on there pretty good. I guess a few were not, but mine is fine. No need for redundant wing dowels, you just have to verify that yours are in good shape.

One thing I would like to see changed is that amount of area available on the dowel caps. They should have made them a bit wider (with the dowels sticking out a bit more). As they are, you can't put many more rubber bands on there than they give you. I always use more for security. Just don't crash!!!
I agree i think adding spar would be more work than its worth,i think the spar thats in there is enough and to add another would take a lot of work,you have to remember these are trainers not acrobatic plans,don't get me wrong i have rolled ,looped,hammerhead and put it threw its paces but i still am carefully on a windy day or anything extreme,its not a corsair or long as that factory spar is ok i think it is fine,as far as the caps go i am the one that had them come off my plane,you can see in the earlier posts,they where just pressed on i guess or with little glue and came right off on first flight,my replacement plane i checked and 2 walked right off and the other 2 were glued with this white silicone,i re glued them all with ca and had no problems since,horizon has put out a bulleton on the apprentice page under support on these caps .i also wished they were a bit bigger i added a couple extra band to and there is no much space a little bigger would be nice

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