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I have memories of nearly every UK club I came in contact with had, someplace, a set of WO4 templates! Some kind member would have bought the model, then traced around all the wood parts, plus the wing root and tip sections.

That lot, the club's handy foam core cutting member and there's an eternal source of WotNots... As I recall Chris F enriching lawyers to stomp out some clone kits in the 1980s - one was mostly different from the original by having four wheels instead of a taildragger UC!

My usual bloodymindedness suggests an AcroWOT - the ginourmous one wouldn't fit my car, even if I could afford the battery pack - with my usual built-up fuselage framework and a D box balsa/spruce wing frame. Five pounds RTF, 700W into a 15 x 10 sound okay? Snag is, even getting a kit shipped to the US VAT free amounts to around $160.00 plus shipping costs, never mind that I'd be drawing up a one-use plan, and I aren't sure I want one that much.

Good to see that these great models are still around as kits and haven't yet turned into featureless BARFs


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