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Originally Posted by Ercoupe Ed
Hi Dag and everyone else!
Here's a picture of my giant scale B-17, and it's mostly an electrically operated airplane by the way!
Man those electric motors were a BEAR to INSTALL, and you should see my BATTERY PACK!!!!!
Notice the bomb bay, those are really m Lipo batteries, neat way to conceal them eh?
Easy access to get them in and out!
Actually they plug in with a big auxillary charging cord.
The car is to just give you an idea of the scale! LOL!
Okay Dag, let's see you build that B-36 to match the size of my B-17!! LOL!!!

Hey Ed,
Great to see you here.

Well I did think about making one close to that size, but the 6,955 LiPo packs were to hard to charge LOL, and the 30hp 3 phase 480 motor would not swing my 3 blade 19' prop.

I do have some news though, I have re-scaled my Balsa Overcast back to 258" It will take me about 3 weeks to get the nacelles re-designed around in-runner motors, but fuse work will start this week end .

The 1919 had some problems that seemed to go away once I got the wings on, but if she never flies I might see if the EAA museum would want it.

Is that the 17 that was at Purdue and Mt. Comfort?

Take care,

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