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UGH, a folder would be bad mojo. Trouser Snake is correct, you would make a really nice foam cutter. I only have 2 short flights on the Maxi so far, and it isn't LOUD like a Ritewing, but it is noisy. However, it is only noisy while the prop is turning. Once you get it up to altitude, you can float with it off and it is silent. It is just the climb where you hear it. I am going to get some serious flight time with it on Sunday baring any unforeseen silliness. I have 6 lipos that fit it perfectly. They are old school 12C PolyRC 3600 3S packs, that I bought for my now departed Ritewing TL60 (Ran them in parallel for a 3S 7200mah), but these put out plenty of amps for the Maxi. Have the needed weight for the nose too.

I really wouldn't make it into a puller. It wouldn't be an easy task to cut the foam and create a mount. Just put it on the back and try it first. If you want to later, then rip off the motor mount and try it on the front, but personally, I wouldn't do it. I will pay more attention to the noise level Sunday when I fly it, but again it isn't annoying. I bet your easy star is as louder due to the higher KV.

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