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Learning on an EDF


I am soon to be new to R/C aircraft, and have been interested in EDF's for a long time. I have never owned and R/C plane, but i do have some real flight experience, and a fairly good understanding of aviation mechanics and principles (i am pursuing an aviation contract with the USMC). I have flown friends' trainers a few times with no problem what so ever, but i think i am finally ready to buy my own plane.

As you can probably figure out, i am pretty set on an EDF, but i have some reservations. I know that they are typically not first aircraft because they take a little bit of skill to fly at even the lowest level, and usually are not quite as stable as a lot of trainers. I am not looking for anything TOO high speed, and am perfectly happy doing really basic stuff at lower than average speeds (for an EDF) until i am proficient at the basics. No matter what i get, i have every intention of getting a simulator with it, and getting proficient on that first. I also have some experienced pilots in my area who have said they would be willing to help me out. I am very patient, and very willing to ease myself into it as much as possible.

I am also a college student. I have no problem spending 200-400 on a RTF or ARF EDF, but i really cannot afford to buy a trainer, and then an EDF later, and EDF's are really what i want to end up flying. That being said, i have two real questions. 1) What are your thoughts, tips, and advice on learning to fly on an EDF? Is it possible? how much more difficult would it be than learning on a traditional plane? and 2) What is a good EDF for what i am looking at? I like the realistic models a lot better, but i don't need something super fast, or super twitchy (in fact, I would prefer to not have that at all).

Thank you so much for your time, look forward to hearing from you
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