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sheesh, just been out again this evening and of about a total of 5 or so take off and landings, couldn't get anywhere near smooth as that again. Every attempt bounced a good couple of feet off the water back up into the air again, and usually landed into a tussock!

Am a bit annoyed by two distinct vibration noises coming from this model too. One is a loud fluttering noise I suspect is the antenna hitting on the tail elevator, and the other is a loud buzzing noise that I guess is the cowling for the motor vibrating at certain RPMs. Or, perhaps it is an unbalanced prop?
Also, I get an annoying cut out of the motor at certain times, Perhaps twice a flight, which used to happen when I had this gear in my Easy Star too. Maybe a glitch or dead spot in reception? Just momentary but not good.

Anyway, takeoffs havent been any problem so far. Never had a spin out with the wingtips or anything.
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