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Originally Posted by 3dflyindan
I need to design plans it looks for a foamy to fit a 50. size or 90. size hacker i want it full fuse and aerofoiled wing how hard should this be and could i do all this from 3-views like get the former size etc ??


Give it a go...and post as you go on here..It shouldnt be too difficult, it depends on how complex a model you are looking for. and what plans or pics you are using to work from.

The formers will size as you size the whole model. using the section plane tool through the model will enable you to trace formers for each location you want.

Or if you are working from plans just trace the formers out, and then resizing the plan will make them to the correct size. you dont need to print out the whole plan, just make each former a component and save them individually, then you can re-import them onto a new project, arrange them and just print them out.
I rarely use a full size plan, but just print the formers..ribs etc

remember use layers, put your plan on one layer and lock it down..
make a new layer (formers) trace your formers, group and lock each one as you go, put them on your new layer as you group them..
If you can keep your bits seperate, its less likely you will mess them up.
You dont want to get too many bits in the same layer stuck to each other.
remember to make lots of saves as you go. and different saves so you can get back to where you had it good....before you messed up...

I am still finding out the best ways myself...but its good fun
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