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Originally Posted by Mike Stramba
Not knowing much about aerodynamics, why would top vs bottom make a difference?
I don't think I can adequately explain it here, but basically anything that moves through the air produces drag against the movement. For a plane to fly in knife edge, it must be angled with the nose away from the ground. This is easier to do if the drag from the wing is helping, rather than hurting, that effort. The wing can only help if it is pointed straight up.

So how different did the plane "feel" compared to flying KE with two wings?
It wanted to roll left, so I had to hold right aileron. It wanted to yaw left, so I needed right rudder. It wanted to pitch down, so I needed up elevator.

It was not at all like flying normal knife edge. A properly trimmed airplane will fly knife edge almost on its own. A little bit of rudder is all that is needed.

Do you think it would be even possible to take-off with one wing? With the 3d "monster power-weight ratio, as is common these days, maybe a "burst of power" with elevator would be enough to get it in the air, and then quickly transition to knife edge. ?
That would be very difficult. The challenge is that during the initial acceleration there isn't enough airspeed over the control surfaces to overcome all the imbalanced forces. The plane is highly unstable in any orientation other than knife edge.

Also, I wouldn't want to have the engine anywhere near full RPM with the plane in this configuration!

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