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Originally Posted by Usta Bee
J what I'd liked to have seen in the video would be a tractor trailer come barreling down the runway and smash the plane into a million pieces while Jim stands there with his mouth agape
I flying in an F5J competition a few years back where a guy tore off most of both halves of the V tail of some Art-Hobby s400 class glider at very high altitude. Only 25% or so of one of the ruddervator was left.

Somehow he would gain some control and started to spin it in with occasional losses of control. At the last second he got it into a flat spin and it smacked hard but not destruction hard on a road near the flying field...we all yelled in joy and the luck and pilot "skill" .....15 seconds later a dually pickup truck drove over it with the right side wheels crushing everything including the radio, servos, battery motor esc.

The truck continued on while we went out to pick up the balsa shards.

15 minutes later the guy driving the truck came back with a 6pack of beer as an apology.
We shot the BS with him for long enough that the next weekend he was back to try it out....he still flies at that field today.
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