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Originally Posted by rich22304
I have been looking at a lot of the video that use HD cameras. What I don't see is how they are setup. I fly an Easystar and think the weight of an HD camera will severely effect flight characteristics. So, does anyone use a KX151/191 or similar and record the video using an HD camera? I don't have money for goggles, so I was planning on using the flip out monitor of the HD camera as my FPV. I have the Range Video setup KX151/ .5W/ and 8dBi patch antenna. I fly a lot, but haven't worked out how to do FPV yet.
Does anyone know of a thread that graphically illustrates various setups using HD cameras at the ground station only.

Recording an SD signal on an HD device does NOT make the recorded picture "HD".
It will still look the same as if it were recorded on an SD recorder. Yes, the lines will be upscaled, but the camera is not producing any extra information, so there will be lines doubled without any increase in clarity.

The basic bottom line is that if you want HD, you have to START with HD. You can't "make" HD out of SD.

You can, however, use a camera like the Aiptek and have true HD recordings. This is because the camera and recorder are HD, and can be mounted in the plane with some creative effort. This camera also has an SD video output that operates while recording, and can be used for the downlink. This is ideal since there are no HD goggles available yet anyways. Kestasxxx has already fabricated a pan system for the Aiptek...

Hey Darth, good news on the MPVR! I'm glad I could help, I just wish I had known about the issue before I bought my A-HD+. Unfortunately, it does stop recording in signal loss. And to make matters worse, it has to be powered down and back up to see the incoming signal again, and then you need to press the record button. But that's ok, I think I may fly it instead of using it on the ground. For recording, I'm liking the Intelligent Flight recorder. For it's size and portability, it has just about the highest bitrate available. It's kinda spendy, so it'll have to wait a while...
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