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F-18 HERE!! my vote is cast

Kirk the way I see it is the BVM is so well designed and be around for years.
It also has the best instructions you can buy. The cool part will be your details. It has flown as turbine,EDF, Glow, Do that in RCJI

So I vote to see the yellow F-18... as far as I know it has never flown as an EDF... I would love to see that here... it has long been by far my favorite airplane... I've got an old video on tape of one flying on glow ducted fan and it looks pretty good after the first lap... but you will have more power with EDF...
I bet if it's really light and way overpowered it will be a beast...

Joe McBride fly’s one here in Cali with a P-200 and it's just sick... he is also the best pilot I've seen fly a jet... but that’s like 45 pound thrust

You’ll have at best 30 pounds... most turbine versions I've seen have come in over 30 pounds more like 38 pounds... I heard of one ducted fan that was 29 pounds... when I was into turbines this was the plane I wanted...I read alot on it and still do... I'm going to build one someday
You should talk to Shawn Evans about it (yellow rep) he has built many of them... and flew them as glow verison... he told me he saw one fly on glow where the guy redesined the ducts and it was a 180mph glow plane
He is really up on this plane... may have tips to keep it light


I'm sure you've seen them but paul reese has some great videos of the Yellow F-18.. here's a link:

three good ones there and also good footage in the cal jets 2006 movie

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