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I hate to say this, but I'd be a little worried an 8" prop would cause pitch problems on the 100% Polaris--but on a 75% Polaris I'd be VERY worried. That prop is just too big for this model. I think it will put the thrust line so high that it will cause lots of trim problems. It'll no doubt fly, it just probably won't handle well since you'll constantly be fighting the trim. If at all possible, I'd suggest using a different motor that can spin a lower diameter prop. This is exactly why I picked the Grayson motor for my model--it only spins a 6" prop, which is quite small for the 100% model and thus results in excellent handling qualities.

If you do try this motor, you'll need to add more downthrust to reduce the pitch change with throttle. I used 2 degrees nosedown on my model, and you'd probably want at least 4 degrees if not more on your smaller model with the 8" prop.

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