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Ive had more flights today.... all round its excellent ....I will get some video a.s.a.p..

You should try this Tony and see how it compares to your original.

The steps, top and bottom, are nearly 10mm depth, constant root to tip, with the fins acting as tip fences since they project slightly below the wing as well as obviously above.

The glide I reported as good yesterday is actually better than that. Long flat and fast, I really must try it off a slope some time

6mm main wing shapes, elevons, fins,
3mm top and bottom skins
1/4 x 1/2" balsa spars
3mm CF tubes next to only
I was using 36" lengths of balsa so the cut off ends were used to sandwich the CF at the root was balsa-CF-balsa,
Note there are NO spar joiners at the centre of the wing, On the top layer I use 2 thin ply plates about 3" wide above and below the top layers spars. these go from the leading edge to the rear of the spar. The top skin halfs go over this lot,
then I put a further 3mm depron skin about 3" wide over the top centre joins
On the bottom there is no ply, just the lower wing skins, plus there is an additional 3mm x3" central (over the join) depron skin, similar to the top.

All that skining produces a very strong joint.

Where the main halfs join at the rear(the 6mm depron) there are also 3" wide depron skins, top and bottom.

All this is also taped in various places...see my pics
especialy leading edges top and bottom, trailing edges top and bottom, and all of the elevons.. this 2" tape again increases the strength and damage resistance. the elevons use the taping as the hinges, where the horns are fixed I also reinforce with a 1/2" wide 1/16 ply plate, front to rear of the elevon..

This layered construct is naturally very stiff but with the tape over it it becomes very strong and tear resistant as well.
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