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This post gets you up to date with my construction.

The fuselage build has gone well so far. There aren't many discrepancies or difficulties to report. I did accidentally not make sure that the hole in the rudder lined up with the hole in F8 so I had to cut out the other side of the rudder "root" so the control horn could go there. Some of the stringers were a little looser in their slots than I would have liked but a little medium CA filled the gaps. The rudder, elevator, and stab also needed a lot of CA to fill the gaps.

I figured out a little trick when beveling the nose section. Put some tape around the end of your sanding block. The balsa for F1 was very soft and sanded down very quickly, much quicker than the balsa sheeting on F2. So, when F1 is sanded down enough just slide the sanding block up so that the tape rubs on F1 and you still sand F2. This makes sure the bevel stays correct on both formers.

So far the hardest part has been sheeting the fin. Its a very tricky curvy area so the sheeting doesn't like to butt up nicely. I'm counting on a decent amount of filler to cover my mistakes.
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