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scale microlights
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Sorry to hear that!
At least u got it up in the air though
Are you going to modify it to get it flyin properly?

Hope we get 2 see a video... Not sure of the problem tho?
Ive tried to get my main servos, tank and reciever battery directly underneath the hang point for better mass centralisation,
I made the engine as far towards this point as realisticly possible aswell for the reason stated above and as far upwards as possible (while still keeping it looking scale)
To stop it pitching as much under power.

How the trike hangs during flight isnt super important anyway-
its the wings angle of attack and the hangpoint (c of g) of the trike that matters.
Real weightshift microlights fly slightly nose up cus of the engine weight.

I had the engine running today :-)
Ill try and get some video and post it on you tube,
It looked so cool sat ticking over on my bench at work lol

Hopefully be covering the wing tomorrow night (fingers crossed)

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