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Windbag flys....

The windbag did awful on first few attempted flights. It would get up to speed
then lift off, go way nose high and then roll over and splat. Acted like it was extremely tail heavy which compromised it's steering ability.
At this point we decide to try and fly it backward. replace pusher prop with a standard pull type and reversed the side the windbag lifts from. This made it look more like a traditional tail dragger. This change proved to be worthy as it did, in fact, lift off the ground and actually flew! The steering was effective but the elevator seemed to have hardly any effect. It flew around with the prop end pitched up and tail dragging low. It needed full throttle 100% time it was in the air. Just a second or two of throttle lapse brought it down a foot or two quite quickly! We flew it several times but never did land it correctly because it was such a bear to control. Several instances we were out of control. Landings occured as light crashes on the runway. Each time repairable because the craft is so light weight. If I ever learn how...I'll post it on Youtube. It won't take .ava files!!
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