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Hey Ygramul, was wondering if you couldn't shave further. I have the distant cousin ls70, which looks like the same case but older tech. Anyways I managed to get mine down to 52g and I figured you could do the same with the fx30. By going further I mean putting it back together would be more difficult such as soldiering off the battery pack container, taking out the capacitor for the flash, removing flash, removing screws and such for holding lens and motors for lens and using double sided tape to attach to board. The only weight gain I've needed is anyvolt, which might be possible to reduce by using a resistor... but I would consider that a little risky as you need to know exact consumption.

I think it could be reduced to 50g flat, perhaps removing small speaker, not sure if the board and resistors etc where flash and cap sit are truely needed for function but if not that part of the board could be straight cut off etc. Pulling the two ribbons off the main board that attach to the lcd.... Not sure what else could be cut off, I think that's pretty much it. Have been anxious to tear down a fx30 but waiting till prices come down more for used one.

Also just noticed it was asked earlier but you can fpv with the camera. There is a 1/10 of a second lag but even flying easyglider/zagi with it, it's still doable. Although I don't have a quad yet, I think it can be done.
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